Download the ASPiK SDK

The ASPiK SDK is open-source software and is hosted on GitHub. You may fork the repository or download a ZIP version from the GitHub Site. For those who want the SDK the old fashioned way a link is provided below. Use the SDK Documentation and the video tutorials to get started. Note that the VSTGUI4 library is also required and you can get more information about this free library here


ASPiK Current Release: v1.7.2

Download Here: ASPiK SDK 1.7.2

Migrating Projects Before v1.6.9: due to changes made in the VSTGUI4 library, you will need to perform a bit of work to migrate your existing projects made prior to v1.6.9. This is not difficult, and results in two projects, your original untouched version, and a new version for v1.6.9. Follow the guide here: ASPiK 1.6.9 Migration

If you have already migrated to v1.6.9, then you do not need to do anything for this maintenance revision, however you should re-generate your projects to get the full fixes.


The ASPiKreator Software

The ASPiKreator software for MacOS and Windows has dedicated installers that are part of the SDK. Browse to the /ASPiKreator/MacOS or /Windows folders and run the corresponding installer to install directly to your computer. For MacOS, the ASPiKreator app will be in the Applications folder, while it will be in the Program Files (x86) folder on Windows.



You will need to install CMake on your Windows and MacOS partitions to generate the AAX, AU and VST compiler projects for Visual Studio and Xcode; instruction are in the SDK documentation as well as the tutorial videos. You can get CMake here:



VSTGUI4 is required for the GUI component in ASPiK. There is a complete, unedited version included with the ASPiK SDK that you should use. You may also grab the library from the VST3 SDK 3.7.2. The current ASPiK VSTGUI4 version is 4.10. Steinberg made a low level change in how this library is initialized so migrating older projects to the new ASPiK SDK is not as easy as usual. I would advise creating new “myprojects” folders (e.g. “myprojects1.6.8”) in the plugin API SDK folders side-by-side with your previous “myprojects” and copy the vstgui4 library from the ASPiK SDK into those folders, and keep your projects separate as you do the migration, which will require copying some files and making a minor edit to your existing plugincore.cpp file. NOTE: this is only for migrating existing projects – new projects will have no issues. 


The AU SDK consists of two folders named AUPublic and PublicUtility and they can be found at the AU Developer site, mixed in with a set of sample projects. For convenience, I have pre-packaged those directories in an outer AU_SDK folder as per the SDK documentation and the tutorial videos. You will still need to add the VSTGUI4 folder to it for ASPiK plugin development. Grab the pre-packaged AU SDK here.


You will first need an Avid Developer’s account which is free as is the AAX SDK. Get your Master Account and then sign up for the AAX SDK. You will also need the Pro Tools Developer version to test with and this is free for developers and can also be found in your Avid Account settings. Lastly, you will need a 2nd generation iLok for your Pro Tools Developer activation code. Be sure to check the ASPiK SDK Documentation and tutorials to understand how to package and locate the AAX SDK on your machine.


Current AAX SDK Version: AAX SDK 2.3.2



The VST3 SDK is available from the Steinberg Developer’s site and like wise is free. This SDK includes VSTGUI4 which you will also need for ASPiK, though there is a version pre-packaged in the ASPiK SDK for you.


Current VST3 SDK Version: VST3 SDK 3.7.2